December 3, 2021

5 Easy Gifts to Give to Your Fitness Community

We all love getting presents around the holidays. Something about a fun surprise just has us beaming on during the holidays morning (no matter how old we get). Giving small gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for your community. Here are 5 gifts that will be met with lots of cheer, and they’re super easy to give out to your virtual workout community. 


Saving money is a big gift, especially when everyone’s wallets are hurting after the shopping season. Give your community a free month if they refer a friend, or offer one of your high-ticket offers, like private yoga classes, at a discounted price. Offering discounts is also a great way to improve your marketing, as many students will spread the word and try one of your more expensive offerings.

If you want to have fun with these discounts, make coupons on Canva and email them out with cute holiday messages. It’ll add a little sparkle, so this doesn’t feel like a normal promotion. 

Gift Cards 

Give the gift of...something free that creates value! If your community is on the smaller side, handing out $5 gift cards for a fun holiday drink can go a long way after a fun holiday class. They’ll be thinking of your generosity when they’re sipping a caramel latte after a tough HIIT workout. Sometimes the gift of giving something small to say thank you will have a huge return down the line.

You can also use gift cards as an incentive or gift for renewing their memberships, purchase a high-ticket offer, or complete a holiday-themed challenge. You can build free gifting options right inside your Arketa dashboard.

Partner Product Giveaways 

Are you currently partnered as an affiliate with any fitness companies? If you are, this is a great time to pitch them and see if they’re willing to do a giveaway with you. By giving out your favorite Alo leggings or Swell bottle, you can keep your community engaged and make one member extra happy.

If you’re not partnered with any brands, this is a great time to explore a potential partnership. So many product-based companies are looking for fitness influencers just like you so don’t be shy. Find the marketing coordinator or Instagram of your favorite brand and shoot them a DM.  

Your Time

If your love language is quality time, then you know how much cheer this one can spread. Offer free 15-minute nutrition coaching calls or 1 free personal training session to lock students in for the new year. By using this season to get closer to your fitness community, you’ll strengthen your bond with them and even have students commit to some of their New Year’s resolutions early. 

Remember, it’s not the amount that you’re offering -- it’s the fact that you’re offering your 1:1 time in the first place. 

A Bonus Workout

Your community is here because they love working out with you. This is your chance to give them a fun, holiday-themed bonus workout to thank them for supporting your fitness business all year. You can even only make it available to students who are on a monthly membership to make them feel special.

Have fun with this bonus workout by making it half-fitness, half-party. That will truly show the power of “giving” this extra hour of fun. 

Some of the best events during the holiday season are those that give back to either the local community or your favorite charity.

Summing it up...

Giving gifts is a great way to keep your community engaged during the holiday season. It also just feels exciting to receive and celebrate alongside other people who are on this fitness journey with you. By giving back to the people around you, you can continue to strengthen the bond with your existing students and position your fitness business to keep growing.

Because a strong team of people looking to get healthy really is the gift that keeps on giving--and now you can use Arketa to offer gift cards or create special events!

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