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October 26, 2021

5 Tips to Elevate Your On-Demand Fitness Library

Have you been thinking about creating your online fitness library? Or did you even know you should have one or could have one? Well we’re here to say it’s time to get started!

Having on-demand virtual workouts can make it easier to grow a community and your fitness business. We asked some of our favorite fitness instructors about their best tips on building out this library in arketa and they gave us the inside scoop.

If you’re looking to create inspiring online workout programs that grow your business...look no further. We’ve listed our top secrets down below. 

1. Put your *juiciest* content behind a wall

You’re a helper. You want to help your students not only reach their goals, but CRUSH them. But you definitely shouldn’t give them everything for free. Over here, we’re big advocates of giving them a taste of your fitness style, but also giving you the ability to carve out a paid membership and grow your fanbase. Because if you’re putting out high-quality content, you should totally get paid for your endorphin-inducing classes.

When we chatted with Ali Abramovitz, the co-founder and CEO of Chorus, she said, “What I like the the membership wall and the ability to host live and on-demand content and put certain content behind the membership wall.” That’s because she was able to share some of her content for free and bring people into her inner circle if they want all her videos. By doing this, you can grow your community and treat those who invest in you as VIP guests. With Arketa, you can put your old Youtube videos behind a wall and use only a couple as free value-building videos. This way you can start to develop a paid library of content quickly. 

2. Monetize your virtual programs 

Creating programs is a lot of fun, but by not monetizing them, you’re missing out big-time. When we chatted with Jen, an Arketa user, she told us how in 2020 she would do free classes once a week on Instagram live. It took her a lot of effort to create these classes, and even though she really enjoyed them it was not a good source of income for her. She really enjoyed them and her clients liked them, but she just wasn’t capturing the revenue she needed to thrive. 

She needed to formalize these online fitness programs, so she partnered with Arketa. By making this switch and building out a private community, she could put on virtual workouts AND support herself with the added income. The lesson here-- is to do what you love, but don’t be afraid to ask for money. You’re incredible at what you do, and people who adore your fitness classes would love to access all of your materials and pay your membership fees. You can sequence your library into the perfect order so your students don’t even need to think about which classes to take. You can even stack two pieces of shorter content to create a full workout experience for your students. 

3. Create a fantastic user experience 

Rachael, an Arketa partner and founder of MOVE, joined our platform because she wanted a refined, easy-to-use system for her fitness classes. She found herself spending tons of time on the logistical details and not enough time doing what she loves. Streamlining the process for how your students interact with you is an important but often overlooked part of running a fitness business.

When your students can easily take action, you’ll notice fewer emailed questions, less time spent on admin work, and more money in your pocket. So take those extra few minutes and make sure your students can easily navigate around your fitness community and find exactly what they need. 

4. Have a converting site 

Your site is your online home for your business. It displays your brand, values, and who you are as an instructor. It should draw in potential students and act as a home for your online business. By investing in your site and designing it to really reflect your business, you’re carving out a space that’s all yours on the Internet.

Vida Moktari, the CEO of Strong Body Babes, needed a The web designer she hired wasn’t making progress, so we at Arketa swooped in. We gave Vida a custom website that was personalized to her unique needs. With intuitive tools, Vida now lets Arketa “power” her on-demand videos for her growing customer base.

It may seem like a big step, but having a site is a must-have if you want to grow your library, rank on Google, and  carve out a brand name both in appearance and to search rank on the internet.carve out a branded community. And we’re here to make it easy. 

5. Bring your energy

When it comes to your on-demand online fitness business, we can’t stress this point enough. It has to feel like you. That means bringing your personal brand, personality, and voice to every piece of communication. On-brand visuals and a streamlined site will make working with you feel authentic and fun. Don’t be afraid to stand out in your videos. Because you being you is what’s going to grow your community. 


Elevating your fitness library is a great way to grow your online fitness business. Using Arketa to build a community lets you easily have a fitness business that supports others and hands you a nice income each month. With Arketa, you can build an unlimited on-demand library. This means you’ll be able to grow your business and get revenue while you’re catching Zzzzs every night.

Click here to learn more about how you can grow your fitness business using Arketa.

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