How to Make More Money in Your Online Fitness Business

You do what you do because you love it. Showing up for your students each day with contagious energy and endless motivation lights you up, and you want to do it more. But you also have a business to run. By growing your business and generating more revenue, you can feel more secure in your online fitness business. That extra confidence means you show up better and can support your students at an even deeper level.

So we want to give you 7 creative things you can do to increase your revenue from your online fitness business. And *hint* none of these require getting more members into your community. 

1. Automate your payments 

Every month, you don’t want to have to think about your community renewing their membership (and they don’t want to think about it either). Make sure you automate those monthly payments or give your students the option to pay yearly. It will keep things running smoothly, and you’ll be able to stop guessing what your monthly revenue will be. Arketa allows you to do this seamlessly. 

2. Go beyond fitness

Have other special skills that can help your students’ overall wellness? We’re talking deep nutrition knowledge, recovery techniques, and stretching tips. Expand your classes to teach your students these ideas so they can get even healthier. Nutrition coaching especially can speed up the time it takes for your students to reach their goals. If you don’t have another offering, you can always pair up and collaborate with another Arketa instructor. This way, you cross-promote and share your skills with each other’s community.

And by adding in other aspects of wellness, you can diversify your offerings and attract a wider student base. More diversity in the community is always more fun. 

3. Create a premium experience 

For your super committed students, how can you give them even more support and opportunities to work with you? Premium offerings let you give your students premium service and command a higher price tag. A great place to start would be 1:1 personal training or small group coaching.

And by offering these premium services, you can get to know your students and your community at a much deeper level. 

4. Encourage a commitment 

If you have students paying monthly right now, you have a great opportunity to encourage them to commit to your community. Toy around with 3-month commitments and 1-year commitments. They’ll enjoy a slight discount, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing they’re in it for the long haul. 

5. Start a challenge 

People love challenges and intimate communities. By hosting a 4-week total body blast or 8-week yoga challenge, you’ll give your students something to look forward to. You can also charge extra for these challenges and offer other bonuses for students who are courageous enough to commit to themselves. 

6. Promote products you believe in

Your students look up to you. They want to know which supplements you take, which leggings you can’t live without, and what your breakfast looks like. If you have those ‘can’t live without’ products in your life, share them with your students. Become an affiliate for your favorite brands so you can earn money whenever a student purchases an item through your code. 

7. Add in a new member fee

When someone signs up, do they just pay the monthly fee, or do you have any new member costs? If you don’t have any ‘sign-up fees,’ you may want to think about implementing one. It’ll cover the cost of acquiring this new member (think advertising, onboarding, etc.), and it’ll add a nice cushion to your bottom line so you can continue to expand your level of care as your community grows.

You can also add new member bonuses like a T-shirt, 1x1 session, or nutrition guide to incentivize this new member fee. If this isn’t the direction you want to go in, you can also implement a 3 month minimum for joining the community.

To wrap it up...

Although it may sometimes feel like more students is the secret to more money in your growing fitness business, your opportunities are much more diverse than that. By increasing the amount that each student spends with you, you can actually make more money in the long run. That’s because it’s much easier to retain a community member (because they already believe in you) than search for someone new.

Try some new ways of generating revenue in your business today. Who knows, your students may fall in love with a challenge or really connect with your new nutrition class. The only way to know is to give it a go.

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