November 23, 2021

How to Use Emails to Give Your Students a Great Experience

Social media is great. I’m sure you use it to share vulnerable moments with your students, celebrate new students, and feature your special skills. But there is another big player when it comes to community building. Yep, we’re looking at our trusted friend...sending emails.

Unlike the unpredictable algorithm of social media, email allows you to directly communicate with everyone in your community in a way that’s personal and deliberate. With our arketa platform, we’ve recently added And with an easy integration between MailChimp and our platformArketa, so our partnersyou can start sending targeted emails out to theryour students with ease. 

1. How to Integrate Arketa and MailChimp

Before we talk about which emails you should be sending out, let’s make sure you understand you can just how quickly and easily get your Arketa integrates withand MailChimp accounts integrated.

1) On the Arketa platform, go to the integrations section and connect MailChimp
2) Log in to your MailChimp account and authorize your account
3) Click ‘allow’
4) Then select a new audience
5) Now, every new community member will be added to this email list

Still feeling a bit confused? No worries. We got you. Click here to see this process illustrated with screenshots. 

2. Sending The Right Emails

Now that your email marketing is set up, we need to talk about what you’re sending. Emails can be used to educate, connect with and sell to your community. When it comes to strategizing your email contents, make sure you focus on providing value to your students. If your emails are fun and educational, you’ll notice more students will open them up.

When you send really great, consistent emails, you’re nurturing your community. That’s basically a fancy business term for chatting with them on the reg and keeping your fitness business top of mind. Keep on scrolling to see some of our must-send emails. 

3. Community Building Emails  

These emails focus on connection and making your community feel special. There are a few touchpoints where we think your community definitely needs to receive an email from you.

When They First Sign Up: This is known as a welcome email. It gets automatically sent out when someone joins your community. If you’re wondering what to say, keep this one casual and light. Tell them why you started your fitness business and give them a few on-demand workout recommendations.

The Birthday Email: Everyone loves to feel special on their b-day. Give them some happy wishes and maybe a little present. I’m sure they’ll appreciate this inbox gesture. 

The Anniversary Email: Your students love your style, that’s why they’re in your community. Make sure you’re celebrating big milestones with them. Sending anniversary emails lets your students see just how far you’ve come. So go ahead and celebrate that success. 

Member Secrets: Broadcast announcements to your inner circle and let them in on secrets. Email marketing seems super intimate since it’s a 1 on 1 conversation. Don’t be afraid to give them the scoop before social media gets it. 

4. Promotion Emails

Connecting with your students is great and super important, but you also have a business to grow. If you’re providing tons of value and serving your audience, they’ll be receptive when you launch something new or ask them to take action. Here are some fun emails you can send when you’re ready to grow your business.

The Sell: There will be people on your email list who are interested in you, but haven’t upgraded to that paid membership yet. Make sure you’re sending a compelling email every now and then to see if you can get them to upgrade.

The Upsell: Special offer, referral code, new launch. If you’re doing fun stuff, tell your list. I’m sure they’ll be excited to support you and get more of your fun offerings in their life. 

5. Retention Emails

Arguably the most important, retention emails keep your community engaged. Tell your students you miss them after they take a certain amount of time off from taking classes. Alert your students when a new virtual fitness class drops. Chat with members that cancel. Continue to ask for feedback. Just make sure you’re in their life and staying up to date with the pulse of your community. 


Even if sending emails feels a little daunting now, just know that we are here for every ‘Send’ click. Click here to go even deeper into the emails we talked about in this article. You’ll learn how to set them all up in MailChimp, so they’re completely automated.

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